Shazia in front of the university's Main Building. Photo by Inga Külmoja.

Meet Shazia, a Bright Student in IT from Pakistan

I was running a few minutes late and in a mild panic – arranging a meeting in front of the university’s Main Building in late June was a hopeless idea. Usually the place gets fully invaded by a happy crowd of fresh graduates, their families, and friends. Luckily, it wasn’t the most crowded moment that day and I spotted Shazia almost immediately.

She was wearing a beautiful white Pakistani dress, all ready to join the Rector’s reception for cum laude graduates at the UT Botanical Garden a few hours later. We sat down for an interview and Shazia Javed told her incredible story.

As a teenager, she had a dream to become an astronaut. “Unfortunately, we’re not really welcome in NASA,” noted Shazia. Then she thought: “If I cannot be an astronaut, what can I be?” and discovered herself in Computer Science.

Shazia also shared very interesting things about the life and culture of Pakistan, a country that – apart from the negative media coverage – we know relatively little about.

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