Pakistan Estonia Association (PEA) is an International Friendship Association in Estonia. The Association is non-profit and non-political organization.  PEA is a community association operating from Tallinn, Estonia. We are committed to exchange social, welfare and cultural values of the Pakistani and Estonian communities, and to campaign for positive social change.

The PEA aims to provide a platform to promote and strengthen the broad-based social, economic and cultural ties between Estonia and Pakistan. The aim of the Association is to provide a meeting place for Estonians, Estonians of Pakistani Origin and Pakistanis residing in Estonia and friends of the two countries of any nationality.

PEA wishes to contribute to expanding and deepening people-to-people contact and linkages between Estonia and Pakistan and play an advocacy role as a “people’s voice.

PEA also wishes to play a role in specific fields, such as cooperation and development in education, research, trade, the social sector and other fields of interest to individuals, organizations, institutions and companies from the two countries.