Yar Muhammad taking a break between lectures. Photo credit: Matti Kämärä

A Pakistani in Narva: “I’m Grateful to Estonia”

Yar Muhammad came to Estonia because of his doctoral studies six years ago, but the reason why he rooted down is more remarkable. “I received a good education in Estonia and I want to give something back”, the Pakistani says. He’s currently working as an IT lecturer at the University of Tartu Narva College.

Yar Muhammad chose to work in the border town (Narva is located on the Estonian-Russian border) because there was no tradition of teaching IT in Narva before. “I used to teach in Tartu – a big, international city with lots of possibilities. Moving to Narva was a hard decision to make, but I feel excited to participate in the development of a new curriculum, creating something new and developing it further”.

Muhammad’s contribution is not limited only to teaching and studies. He is one of the founders of the Pakistani-Estonian Association as well. “The association was founded in last November. We are trying to develop good relations between the two countries, consolidate the business and culture-related connections, all the while figuring out possible ways for Estonia and Pakistan to cooperate in a mutually beneficial manner”.

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